NHL Tickets

The National Hockey League (NHL) is comprised of 32 teams, 25 from the United States and seven from Canada. Considered the premier professional hockey league in the world, teams compete over the course of an 82-game regular season. The NHL standings are not determined solely by the number of wins but instead using a points system that awards teams two points for a win of any kind while an overtime or shootout loss nets teams a single point. The team with the highest number of the points at the end of the regular season is awarded the Presidents’ Trophy.

NHL teams are evenly divided up amongst the Eastern and Western Conferences, with eight teams from each conference qualifying for the NHL’s postseason, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Common nomenclature that refers to the NHL’s postseason as the “NHL Playoffs” is incorrect. The Eastern Conference winner is awarded the Prince of Whales Trophy and the winner of the Western Conference the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. The winner of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is awarded the Stanley Cup trophy, which changes hands with each winning team. The names of players who have won the trophy are engraved on the trophy’s base. It is widely considered the greatest trophy in sports.

The NHL features some of the most exciting competition in all of sports with nonstop action on the ice. The NHL is also rich in tradition with fans throwing hats, octopi and catfish on the ice following a hat trick. HUMBL Tickets™ is your go-to destination for tickets to watch live National Hockey League (NHL) action all season long and catch every goal, power play and breakaway.